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"Our HealingJourney... Embodying the Warrior Healer"

"Our HealingJourney... Embodying the Warrior Healer"


"Our Healing Journey... Embodying the Warrior Healer" is the third in a series of six yoga nidra practices I wrote and recorded in 2014. The visualization portion of the CD is symbolically associated with the navel chakra. Set in the desert, this journey is a journey into self.

Yoga nidra (conscious relaxation) practice is a bridge back to center. It opens the door to developing greater awareness and a deeper meditation practice. It has been said that the practice of one hour of yoga nidra is the equivalent to four hours of sleep. Through this deep state of relaxation, we allow the mind and body to regenerate and heal.

The practice of sankalpa (intention, affirmation) is an extremely potent component of yoga nidra. Sankalpa links the conscious desires with the subconscious and unconscious minds. Before beginning yoga nidra, one decides upon a sankalpa. It can be something as simple as “I am healthy”, or “I am calm”. It can also be a call to action assisting you to take the initial steps toward reaching a goal. Planting the seeds of your awareness as intention, observe as they blossom into being.

There have been many studies done which document the benefits of yoga nidra. Some of these benefits include:

  • alleviation of insomnia

  • reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain

  • reduction in stress symptoms

  • lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol

  • reduction in symptoms of diabetes and control of blood glucose levels

  • increased concentration

  • increased immune function

  • improved physical vitality

  • restored sense of well-being

I began practicing yoga nidra during my yoga therapy training. This deeply nourishing and relaxing practice helped me process and heal after a period of loss which included my mom’s passing. Inspired by this experience and in memory of my mom, I decided to write and record my own yoga nidra practices. My hope is that this recording helps you find that space within yourself where your own healing may occur.

4-panel wallet CD comes shrink-wrapped.

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Cover photo by Evan Gorham

Audio engineer: Dagne Gorham

Music: Will Gorham

Mastering: Jon Gorham