Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy

Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy

Online Yoga Nidra Classes - Every Wednesday at 4 pm CT, I am teaching 45-minute yoga nidra classes online through I’ll be pulling in the cycles of the seasons and the energies of the day in the visualization portion of each yoga nidra practice. Through Zoom, you can join me from the comfort of your own practice space… LIVE! You can attend each class for $14 or sign up for an Ompractice monthly membership for $39 and take a variety of classes from an amazing collection of teachers. If you’d like to try my class for free, use the one-time code AMY19.

Yoga Instruction - I am currently teaching Slow Flow Yoga at 4 pm on Mondays, Motion and Mobility at 7:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays, Restorative Yoga at 6:15 pm on Wednesdays, and am in rotation for the Sunday 5 pm Restorative Yoga class. All of these classes are held at Total Fitness, 538 Main St S, Cambridge, MN. $10 drop-in, class included with Total Fitness membership.

Yoga Therapy - All yoga is therapeutic. However, one-to-one yoga therapy sessions can be the missing puzzle pieces in one’s recovery. After completing a physical therapy protocol, recovering from surgery, or while continuing to work with a health care professional, yoga therapy offers a gentle and compassionate complementary practice for the client.

In these one-to-one sessions, there is an emphasis on the foundations of yoga practice, breath work, and the importance of mindfulness in movement. Together, we devise a plan with which you may move forward on your own. This plan might involve assistance in establishing a home practice or guidance in making more holistic diet and lifestyle changes using the principles of Ayurveda.

Initial 1 1/2-hour assessment and 1-hour follow-up session - $150

Additional 1-hour sessions - $60

Four 1-hour sessions - $200

A 20% student discount is offered on all yoga therapy sessions.

Private or small group yoga - If class times don't work out for you or you'd like to have individualized instruction, private or small-group yoga sessions might be just the answer. Arranged around your schedule, these sessions could be once a week or once a month. It's all up to you!

Initial 1 1/2 hour assessment/session - $90

1-hour session - $60 

Four 1-hour sessions - $200

These private or small-group sessions could be held at your location or at Total Fitness (pending schedule). If it is a small group session, a charge of $15 will be added per additional student. There may be additional charges pending time and distance to your location and the if there is a need for me to bring mats and props.