Natal Astrology Reading

Natal Astrology Reading


My approach to astrology is all about self-study and transformation. “The stars incline, they do not decide” is the ancient saying. I truly believe that nothing is ever set in stone and that free will is our natural state. That said, we do have our karmic proclivities; some are experienced as cosmic toe-stubbers and others are situations of harmonious gracefulness. It’s my job as an astrologer to bring these proclivities to the client’s attention. Then, armed with greater awareness, the client is empowered to do the kriya (take the action) and make the changes which will bring balance to their creation.

Natal charts are a symbolic map of our karma and offer us an opportunity to understand ourselves and others more objectively and compassionately. In this reading of your symbolic map, we will discuss the energies present in your chart. Through this discussion of where you began and where you currently find yourself, you will be empowered to move forward into who you are becoming.

Natal Astrology Readings are available in person in Isanti, MN, by phone, or through Zoom.

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Photograph by Evan Gorham